GG — Zuleana® {Destress 101} 1 on 1 Class with Coach Cee Cee $60.00 for 1 hour. Lower stress by learning the importance of the parasympathetic nervous system. Coach will guide you through simple exercises, easy breathing techniques, relaxing vocal sounds, specific de-stressing music, relaxing house plants, and even items that help you sleep better. She also really loves to help you with neck and shoulder tension. Last but not least, she will tell you her favorite supplements and herbal teas for maximum relaxation, calm and inner peace. The system will charge you $7.50 for shipping, but nothing will be shipped to you. This is just so the total will be $60.00. Be sure to contact us at 917-903-2519 to schedule your appointment class time with Coach Cee Cee within 10 days of your purchase. This class will be done by phone.