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Who can hardly medicine hunt when you are traveling to the place where Jesus Christ was born? I mean come on now! All I wanted to do was visit  Bethlehem…LOL! I arrived at the airport in Tel Aviv which was a WOW factor in and of itself! What a most beautiful cosmopolitan city that Tel Aviv is. The Tel Aviv airport was like no other airport I have ever seen and the town was just crazy busy but in a beautiful way.  I caught a cab and finally arrived in Jerusalem, But because we were staying higher on a mountain, the Mount of Olives we had to catch another cab. The town is split between the Jews and Muslims… so you just have to be very aware and respectful of both cultures and religions.  The body must be fully covered at all times… I mean this place is truly the HOLY LAND and I was loving every minute of it until we realized that very few cabs come up to the mountain where our hotel was located. Never fear…MULES  are here! YES! many times I gave a dude a dollar to hoist me up on his mule and ride me down to the Jewish part of town.  Where I finally made it to the famous WAILING WALL and the  DOME of the ROCK. Both sites are absolutely spectacular. I was able to touch it and see all the little pieces of paper prayers that were lodged between the stones.  And the cry of  beautiful prayers of the NEW TESTAMENT heard for hours upon hours.


I also was highly impressed with the beautiful worship that literally woke me up around 4 am in the morning… EVERY MORNING! It was the worship of the Muslims and  they do not play when it comes to their PRAYER and WORSHIP times!  I just had to go see where all of this beautiful sound was coming from! Voila! It was the  Rock of the Dome and it  was spectacular to see. The Gold dome, the blue stainless glass windows… just amazing. The Muslims were going in by the droves. taking there shoes off and entering in with a mission to pray, pray , pray. I decided to respect their religion and stand on the outside… as a Christian, if I remember correctly, you may not be allowed to go in, but none the less. It was so beautiful to see such a temple of extravagant beauty. I got to ride on a camel which was super fun and I was pleasantly surprised by all of the olive oil that freely ran down the old stone streets.  This was the oil that dripped from the olive trees! I was staying only a  few minutes away from the Garden of Gethsemane. It was so peaceful.  I simply sat in the garden  and spent some  beautiful quiet time. I was in awe at the fact that I was sitting in the same place that Jesus prayed and his disciples slept the night before His crucifixion.


Towards the end of my stay,  I bumped into a fabulous American family who had moved to Jerusalem for ministry purposes. They invited me to their home and it was there that I saw my first  bath on top of a roof! Yes we are talking BATHSHEBA STYLE stuff!  But thank goodness, my host said that they do not take baths on the roof anymore…LOL!  What a relief. We went to a church under a big tent where people from ALL NATIONS gathered  to worship Jesus Christ, now this was right up my Christian alley!   The music and worship unto the Living God was beyond powerful. I did not get much medicine hunting done in Jerusalem and that is okay.  After visiting, the Garden of Gethsemane, The Rock of the Dome, Joppa (Jaffa), the church of the Holy Sepulcher and seeing the very place where Jesus was actually born there in the little town of Bethlehem…it was perfectly well with my soul! Prayer is a huge part of Zuleana® and I do believe this trip would count as batting ten thousand in that department.

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