Zuleana in St. Lucia!

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St. Lucia has got to be  the most beautiful island in all of the Carribean. I beautiful young lady that was the head of a powerful young women’s movement called women of substance had hosted me to come for about a weeks stay to teach workshops on abstinence until marriage as well as nutrition. This particular assignment was probably one of my most favorite and memorable for both my husband and I. The island and it’s people were incredibly kind. The colors were vibrant, the fresh fruit, the beautiful Carribean Sea and of course the majestic Pitons…whew I just know that there is a God!

Cee Cee's Purity Training with girls in St. Lucia


The ladies were so sweet and open to my message and on the last day was the fabulous ALL WHITE PURITY CEREMONY! What a powerful time in the Lord! We even had a bonfire right there on the beach and burned all soul ties! Yes! a Breaking Soul Ties Bon Fire on the beautiful Carribean Sea. A “WOAH/WOW” moment for sure!

We had a chance to eat lunch at the fabulous, world-class resort, JADE MOUNTAIN… can I say…OMG! Yes! My hubby and I ate a delicious healthy lunch overlooking the Carribean Sea with the Pitons (volcanic mountains  that are truly a WONDER of the WORLD) in the distance.The banana trees, the sour sop, the exotic fruits… all simply MEDICINAL foods! I was in heaven!

I will never forget my time in St. Lucia and the special time I spent with these special ladies. We anointed their heads and feet with oil and prayed fervently for each and every one of them. St. Lucia is a dreamy, delicious piece of a heavenly and wondrous menagerie!  A kaleidoscope of pure pleasure in every way. From the beach, to the sweet people, to the hot sun and  the azure sea… St. Lucia is truly a God send.

POWERFUL MEDICINAL FIND: SOURSOP…amazing for cancer prevention.


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