Zuleana in Santorini, Greece!

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I absolutely love being a Medicine Hunter! My next trip will be back to Europe with a focus on the Mediterranean Diet! I know for a fact that this diet is a game changer when it comes to excellent health. I have incorporated many elements from the Mediterranean people in my Zuleana® eating protocol so I know that it works and is highly effective in overall health, especially in  the areas of obesity, cancer, Alzheimer’s and even heart health. I plan to really dive into  the study of various olives,  olive oils and of course the olive leaf! Garlic will also be a huge part of my diet while I am in Greece. I truly believe garlic is a cancer killer and is  excellent at building the immune system.  The Island of Ikaria in Greece,  is part of the “BLUE ZONE”,  where many of its residents live to age 100 or older! The Greek-island style food is not only healthy but absolutely delicious! A dash of feta cheese with fresh cucumbers and wild caught salmon is going to be right up my Zuleana® alley! This is exactly how we eat in the Zuleana® way!

The Mediterranean people tend to eat oil-brushed, roasted veggies instead of fried veggies… Yum!  They use three main herbs: parsley, oregano and basil. These three herbs are some of the most potent antioxidants of all  herbs. The olive itself is very high in vitamin  E and iron and olive oil  may even help to prevent ovarian cancer. In the Zuleana® Way, I allow you to have about 6 olives when you are eating them. My personal favorite is Kalamata olives, but I will  bevisiting a few islands, including the beautifully, romantic  Santorini! It’s known for the pretty, blue domed churches overlooking the dreamy Aegean Sea. Be sure to check back with me in early summer 2018  where I will be sharing pictures of my Greek Islands adventure. I am sure that will include my medicine hunter findings as well as my favorite restaurants,  dishes and all things healthy!


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