New Zuleana Book Makes Weight Loss Super Easy!

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Everybody is loving how Zuleana makes you lose 5-12 pounds in the first week. Both women and men are simply amazed and are ecstatic at their quick results brought to them by an easy and affordable system.  For twenty-three years, Cee Cee Michaela, has studied natural medicine with a focus on weight loss, melting belly fat, and fine tuning  natural remedies that would eradicate all kinds of sickness and diseases. The book is  easy to read with colorful pictures, poetry, prayers, and lots of wisdom on natural medicine and clean eating.  Zuleana- A New Way of Life helps you understand the warning signs that your body signals when it has a mineral deficiency. It also gives you a list of the types of tests you should ask for when you are having your blood work done.  The important kinds of test that are not in the usual blood work package but can usually be added for FREE, just by asking!

The best part of the book is her fabulous ZULEANA GROCERY LIST and EATING PLAN! These are in easy-to-read charts and has just about everyone stashing the book in their purses, confidently walking into the grocery stores,  and pulling them out to buy the right CODED fruits. Zuleana makes disease prevention easy and after one reading, you can’t help but  spread the word of this amazing new weight loss and disease-zapping lifestyle guidebook! Who knew that a kitchen could become a pharmacy and that food had that much healing power? Cee Cee Michaela did! Now, you do too!  So, go tell everybody! Purchase your copy today at Amazon or her shop on her website at

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