The Power of Matcha Green Tea

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As a medicine hunter, I must admit  that matcha green tea is truly the best secret I have ever found! I discovered it way before it became mega-popular! I’m talking about two years BEFORE the fabulous Dr. Oz! I remember my clients calling me and saying, ” Cee Cee, oh my gosh! Your tea is on TV! Dr. Oz is talking about your green tea… he finally caught up with you!”  I  laughed and replied, “Hey, Dr. Oz knows his stuff, I knew he would find it sooner or later.” Matcha helped me to lose weight so quickly that it literally made my head spin. And this was WITHOUT exercise, I might add. I remember losing 30 pounds in  three months. I felt great, I looked great, and I was eager to let everyone know what was my weight loss secret.

Matcha has been part of my life now for about eight years.  It comes in many different grades and can be very tricky when you are trying to choose authentic matcha that is high quality. That’s why I love ceremonial grade. It’s at a great price and  it’s a very high, premium grade. You will notice your belly fat disappearing quickly and your pants, around the waistline,  will become very lose. Matcha rocks! As a matter of fact, I affectionately call it– Melt Belly Fat Tea Powder.

Besides it’s belly flattening power, matcha is also great for energy, brain health, and  it lowers blood pressure, cholesterol, and diabetes. It gives you vitality and yet helps you to be in a  state of calm. This is because it is filled with L-Theanine. What’s more, matcha is filled with a special polyphenol called EGCG ( epigallocatechin gallate) which is known to fight cancer!  I am totally undone  by all of this natural medicinal goodness! Matcha green tea is truly a superfood wonder and it will always be part of my morning ritual…if my hubby doesn’t drink it all before I do! LOL! Get your green goodness fix in my online store at

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