Crystal Hawk Chesapeake,Va


I thank God for Coach Cee Cee!  When I came to her I was suffering with anxiety and heart palpitations. At that time I could  hardly eat or sleep. Once I ordered her Blood Work Analysis Consultation and the Ultimate Kit, I was on my way to recovery. In five months, my vitamin B12 went from the mid 400 to 989. My sleep pattern was regulated with the powerful information that Coach shared with me during my consultation. She sends over excellent suggestions and very organized notes.  The tea that came in the Ultimate Kit , I decided to share a box with  a co-worker friend. She had lost a lot of weight from  having cancer . The tea began to restore her color, weight and her cells! If you want to have a healthy body and  great energy , please get your consultation. There are so many wonderful options in the online store. I have had about 4 of  the Zuleana Ultimate Kits over this past year and I  feel absolutely amazing.  The Ultimate Kit has everything that I need and more from head to toe!   I love the  immune support, organ care elements, the tincture, and the green soap … it’s is all there in one convenient kit! Her consultations and 9-piece kit will save your life!

Thank you, Coach Cee Cee.

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