Daphne Williams- Brooklyn, New York


You’re amazing Coach Cee Cee!  Your love of nutrition and helping each #ZuleanaGirl reach success is so evident! I love your passion and all of your wisdom during my wellness journey. I so appreciate you and all your encouragement along this amazing Zuleana journey. Simply put, you made losing weight and the #ZuleanaLifestyle both educational and oh so much fun! Thank you so much, I am grateful to God for teaching you to save lives, shift mindsets on food,  mindful eating, and self-care. You have helped many of us see ourselves fully as we get fit & oh so fab – like our fit and fine Coach #YouROCK! Xoxoxo- oh and by the way, I have lost 134 pound in 14 months on the #ZULEANAWAY …whoop, whoop!

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