Debbie from Charlotte


I want to have a heart to heart with you about Coach Cee Cee and the Zuleana train. Not once, but twice in the past 15 days, I have gotten reports from my doctor and didn’t share with Coach Cee Cee until after the fact…once I shared with her, she was quick to respond to what was happening and adjusted my ride on the train to accommodate my situation. Let me be more specific…the first time was due to asthma, I was instructed to avoid heat and humidity even if this means I have to stay in the house for the next month to 6 weeks. I was feeling down because some of you were able to post workout pics from the pool, walking trails, etc. When I shared with Coach, she immediately customized an eeffective workout plan that I could do in my house with simple household items (I will post some pics this weekend). The second time, I was told that my Vitamin D level was low (20 to be exact) and that I needed to get on Vitamin D3. I remembered from the book and our last call with Coach that our numbers had to be at least 60. Being so low, I panicked and went right to the pharmacy and used my best guess as to what would work until I could order from Coach. I sent the ingredients to Coach Cee Cee and she immediately sent me information about the dangers of what I had just ingested! Some of these store brand vitamins have titanium in them y’all!!! Titanium is a heavy metal!!! Huge no no! Not only that…it could damage the very lungs I am struggling to get healthy!!! LADIES LISTEN…Coach Cee Cee is our advocate…we cannot sideline her and not share with her immediately the results of our doctors visits! We cannot be afraid to call or text her when we have an issue, no matter how great or small! We cannot take her valuable advise and use it when we go to stores thinking we can find a similar brand cheaper! We cannot be afraid to ask her for help, not just about weight loss but in all things concerning our health! When she says she is there for her and her famous line “you are not alone”, she totally means it! I didn’t buy the Vitamin D3 from her because I felt I needed something right now, I panicked. She is only about 2-4 hours from many of us…if we place an order, her shipping department is quick to get it out to us. We cannot keep running to the store down the street when we need something…she has the best products and more importantly…she has our backs! Walmart will not customize products and advice to meet your personal needs! When was the last time CVS and Walgreen’s CEO called you and spent time discussing what combinations work best for you? She takes the “Harriet Tubman of Health” mantra seriously! She will not see a passenger left behind but we have to reach out to her, we have to be honest with her and we have to be committed to her…she has proven time and time again her commitment to us!

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