Denise McKoy Coats, N.C.


Hello! My name is Denise. I’m a newbie to the Zuleana sisterhood. I’ve been in Zuleana for 21 whole days and have lost 17 pounds! Where does THAT happen?? Zuleana!!!!  Coach Cee Cee Michaela is ALL THAT! She is definitely not your AVERAGE coach. She is like a Black Mother Teresa! Out here internationally, helping people lose weight and eradicate diseases!!!Whew! She has over 24 years of research to back it up!!! She is strictly about her Father’s business and doing HIS will. Just today she took the time to customize my Zuleana plan (just for little ole me.) I had a severe gout flare up (OUCH!!!), she made recommedations to not only continue my healthy eating plan but to prevent gout flare-ups and maintenance. I can’t wait to go to my doctor to compare my Zuleana lab results vs. pre-Zuleana lab results. I met her last year in N.C. at a hair show. Spoke with her, took pics and even purchased the white by night detox powder, which is one part of the three-piece melt belly fat kit. I went home (Not serious about it), put my powder up in the cabinet where it stayed for a whole year.(I’m keeping it real, y’all!) UNTIL…my weight started creeping up and my health problems increased. My mind went back to Coach Cee Cee Michaela and the life and wisdom she spoke into me a whole year ago. She said “We take care of our hair, but not our bodies.” So, I’ve reconnected with her through Zuleana and boy is it life changing!! My husband can tell the difference and stated to me the other day “I am proud of you!” Y’all get aboard this health train NOW! Conductor Cee Cee Michaela, aka the Harriet Tubman of Health is leading us to FREEDOM!! Thank God!!

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