Janet N. Love, Tallahassee, FL


I am so grateful to Coach Cee Cee. My testimony is a little different. I had a total hysterectomy over two years ago. I was going through full onset menopause because of the surgery. After my one on one consultation, Coach sent some natural products that worked BETTER than the hormone therapy that was prescribed. My doctor removed me from all hormone replacement therapy and stated I should “keep doing what I’m doing!” Not only that, I fought constantly with allergies. Coach heard my voice scratchy during the call and promptly sent me a tea that eliminated my allergy symptoms immediately!! One more thing…I was involved in an auto accident and was in constant pain, including major migraine headaches. Cee Cee sent some natural anti-inflammatory meds that have worked miracles! They worked so well, my chiropractor and my neurosurgeon were impressed with her natural products. In fact, my chiropractor gave a thumbs up and approval of everything that Coach Cee Cee sent! My body is well on its way to recovery!! Thank you so much, Coach Cee Cee! Can’t wait to get my hands on the new book!

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