La Keisha M, Massachusetts


As a mother of 4 children, I struggled with being able to manage due to being disabled neurologically in addition to Graves’ disease! My children also suffered significantly until I reached out to Coach Cee Cee and that’s when our entire lives changed! Zuleana Nutrition is absolutely amazing because there is something for everybody! I also love being able to pick and mix the multiple options , products, and consultations as needed. The Ultimate Self Care Kit is incredible and extremely effective! My 2-year old son was non-verbal and after his toddler-based consultation from Coach Cee Cee,  he is talking up a storm!  She knew exactly what to do, nutritionally. He loves his Zuleana lifestyle and gets on the phone to personally thank Coach whenever we have a consultation! The doctor told me he would most likely never be able to speak, so when he spoke in complete sentences out of nowhere, I was in tears. Coach used certain words, sounds, special nutrient-dense foods, and drinks. It was like nothing I had ever heard of but was very doable and tasty too.

Coach Cee Cee took her time and put her heart into teaching us how to learn what is necessary to gain functionality! We now have better cognitive function, stronger immune systems, and haven’t required hospitalization. My older teen son loves the green soap and his skin issues cleared up within 1 week. I, as mom, feel the healthiest for the first time ever because of all my powerful 1 on 1  consults with everything from dental support, miscarriage aftercare and child/teen awareness to name a few!

Lastly,  I am filled with  gratitude because my teen daughter received Coach Cee Cee’s beautiful purity ring and “teen girl wellness care” consultation. These were the best gifts as a mother that I can ever be given and/or experience!  Living the Zuleana Life is awesome and being under the expertise and guidance of master teacher and “Harriet Tubman of health”, Coach Cee Cee Michaela, is a must-have for all those seeking and in need of health FREEDOM! Coach, my family and I have been with you for three years now, and we thank you from the bottom of our hearts! Words can’t even begin to express how much you and your company mean to us all!  #foreverthankful  for #ceeceemichaela and  #zuleana  🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽

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