Stacey Scott, Birmingham, AL


I want to tell you that Zuleana is more than just a weight loss system, it is a way of life. I would like to give you something to think about. How many programs give you personal attention, teach you how to purchase food, explain what to look for in labels, stress the importance of measuring, and how to strategically get the most benefit from the foods you eat during certain parts of the day? Most of all, what program rewards you for losing weight? None other than ZULEANA. When first introduced to Coach Cee Cee and Zuleana, I had just turned 52 and weighed 242 lbs. I had worked out twice a week with no results, but I was determined to lose weight before developing medical issues. Although I was told about Coach Cee Cee 2 yrs ago, I dismissed it. However, after praying and seeking God for a plan to lose weight, I stumbled upon a live video feed of Coach Cee Cee talking about Zuleana on Facebook. By the end of the video, It was confirmed, my search was over. I was convinced this was the plan for me. Coach Cee Cee sent out an invite seeking women to join the train and I was determined to become one. I inboxed her and put aside money to purchase a kit and consultation. To my surprise, she called me and accepted me in the program. Since I have joined the Zuleana program, it has changed my life and the way I think about food. Zuleana is doing much more than melting belly fat, it is destroying the fibroids in my body, helping my hair and nails to grow, clearing up my skin and giving me more energy during the day. The program has taught me to be disciplined. The weekly calls by Coach Cee Cee not only keep us updated on health information, but the sisterhood and accountability motivates us to keep pushing forward and not quit. Since I’ve been on the program, I’ve dropped 25 lbs in 45 days. I believe that when you find something that produces results and can truly help others, you should share it. Love you, Coach Cee Cee! You’re the GREATEST! Thank you!

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