Taneese Campbell- Simpsonville, SC


Hi , I am Tanesse Campbell  I started the Zuleana program on June 5th 2017. I have lost 21 pounds in eight weeks!  What’s more,  my blood pressure was running around 140/99 and higher and I was on 2 pills per day and  the doctors were adding more meds, but could not get my pressure stabilized.  After using Zuleana products and eating the Zuleana Way,  I went back to my doctor and they were amazed that after the first week  of being on Zuleana,  my b/p was 126/68 , then the next week after still being on Zuleana it was 116/64 .When I tell you that I really think the melt belly fat tea  is what did the trick. I am so thankful for Coach Cee Cee. My doctor also wanted to put me on cholesterol meds but couldn’t because it has dropped as well. The doctors and nurses were amazed and wanted to know what I did that was so right.  Of course i told them- ZULEANA! Now they want to know all about Zuleana too!

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