The Power of the Sunflower

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Did you know sunflowers can help with brain and cardiovascular health, thyroid, and cholesterol?  Well, now you know!  First, sunflowers have seeds.  Sunflower seeds are best when eaten raw, not roasted or covered with any type of  chocolate, honey, or other sweet or salty flavorings.  Sunflower seeds contain vitamin E which can reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease.   They also contain magnesium which is great for your skeletal, nerve, and immune system. Magnesium is awesome for respiratory and heart health and sunflower seeds help with mood and depression as well.  What’s more,  sunflower seeds contain a high amount of phytosterols which help support healthy cholesterol levels.   Lastly, sunflower seeds contain selenium which is a very important nutrient  that is powerful for thyroid health and hormone metabolism. I would highly suggest you simply sprinkle one  tablespoon of seeds over your oatmeal or eat a tablespoon with a few almonds as a pre-lunch snack.

The next benefit of the sunflower is the oil! It’s amazing for your hair. So whenever you see a hair product with sunflower oil, you should definitely try it. I have also found that Jamaican castor  oil is great for your hair as well! The emu oil is powerful when it comes to growing your edges! The original emu oil is available in my Zuleana online  store.  sunflower oil is great for you skin as well. It is rich in Vitamin E and can help reduce inflammation and moisturize dry or sunburned skin. Please note that sunflower oil is high in Omega-6 , so you do not want to consume it as a cooking oil.

Lastly, the beautiful sunflower is an excellent pollinator. The middle disc is filled with pollen and nectar and makes the bees super happy! Sunflowers can grow very tall. The tallest has been recorded at 30 feet tall and one sunflower can produce 1,000 seeds. Many farmers use the  nutritious sunflower seeds as animal feed which is a much better choice than processed or genetically modified seeds. If nothing else, try placing a few sunflowers in a vintage metal vase or watering can. It makes a beautifully bright and charming centerpiece for your outdoor table.


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