Atiya Fowler-Myers


I dropped 88lbs with Zuleana in just 10 short months. From 245 lbs to 147 lbs, with Zuleana®️, I was able to go from a 47″ waist to a 31″ waist. Unlike other diets, Zuleana® offered tasty options and I never got bored with meals. Zuleana®️ works when you work it. Dropping pounds almost effortlessly as long as I followed the food protocol  in her book , Zuleana ®- A new Way of Life, was all the motivation I needed most days. Results are consistent and noticeable in almost no time. Elevated energy levels, clear skin, balanced hormones and mental clarity are all extra added benefits that I enjoy for having decided to drop pounds the Zuleana®️ Way! Starting Zuleana®️ has proven to be one of the best decisions I’ve made in my life! ❤💪❤

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