Monica Hathcock, Atlanta, GA


CEO and Founder of Zuleana, Cee Cee Michaela I have known for less than three weeks but she has forever changed my life. I have not experienced ANYONE who cares about YOUR health as much as she does, and this is not sometimes, but ALL the time! She meets no stranger! She carries a health heart of gold. The amount of her never-ending energy, effort, time and extreme wealth of knowledge shared is mine boggling. The information presented is remarkable! She’s exceptionally passionate when it comes to teaching, and every time it never fails, I learn something new. She is the TRUE Harriet Tubman of health!
I had the pleasure to meet Cee Cee when invited to one of her extremely informative COVID-19 conference calls. I couldn’t believe ALL the valuable information offered! Immediately I was blown away to learn several critical items required to properly prepare to become anti COVID-19! I was completely dumb- founded to receive all the wonderful advice and expertise provided, and the most shocking thing, ALL this great information shared was FREE!!! To name a select few, she taught adequate hand washing and proper soap to use for effective hand cleansing to  immune boosting vitamins and minerals everyone should be taking, including providing awareness of specific vitamin ingredients!

In this very short time, I have placed two orders and was very surprised how quickly they shipped and arrived! I absolutely love her products! I purchased Amla, Spirulina, Moringa, Turmeric and  the White By Night Cleanse powders. These pretty much have become a part of my daily regimen. I’ve experienced a huge difference in the way I feel. I’m no longer sluggish and tired, but instead  I am thinking much clearer, quicker and feeling light and full of energy! The White By Night detox powder most definitely provides the complete cleanse my body needs. Also, all my sugar cravings are GONE! My hair and nails are growing, and my skin now has a beautiful glow that’s out of this world! I also purchased some of her incredible tasting teas including Matcha, Lucid Ganoderma, Artichoke, and Ginger. I drink the Matcha tea daily in the morning while alternating others to drink throughout the day. The Matcha tea, known as the melt belly fat tea, is astounding. It does just that- helps melt your belly, providing great results for me! Her products are without question… absolutely amazing!!

In addition, I have purchased and already completed her book! I’m truly learning the Zuleana way! I’m starting to cook and eat Zuleana style not only for me; but, I also started gradually introducing my family to a healthier way of eating. Guess what? You never get hungry eating the Zuleana way! Who would not want to share this remarkable opportunity with others to learn how to live a longer healthier life?!

ALL  of Coach Cee Cee’s products are high quality AND extremely affordable!!! She will also personalize products/packages according to your specific health needs. God has truly blessed me for bringing  Coach Cee Cee Michaela into my world, again I will shout it from the rooftops that she is the “TRUE Harriet Tubman of Health!”

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