Biarnetta Bell- LaPlace, Louisiana


I am truly thankful for having Cee Cee Michaela as my mentor, I join the Zuleana sisterhood on April 2017,  one  month after completing chemotherapy and I’m no longer on blood pressure medication… HOO RAY! I have increased energy and I am sleeping soundly all night. She’s amazing! In her Zuleana Phone Consultation, she takes the time out to explain everything to you and when you leave the conversation you have great knowledge and understanding. That LITTLE BOX with the three ingredients in –who would ever imagine that it can do this?! I’ve lost 35 pounds and I am still losing weight! Thank You Coach Cee Cee, I have learned so much with the Zuleana lifestyle and plan to keep working toward my weight goal and will continue to share with others.  I can’t wait to see you at the conference. I’ve got my plane ticket and will being flying in from Louisiana!

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