Vernender Vern ‘Shortie’ Wilks- Atlanta, GA


I’m proud to be onboard of this amazing underground journey to health and fitness for life! Thank you for coaching us all back to making conscious choices! I love the Undergound Accountability Program because it keeps up the momentum and we keep each other encouraged and cheer each other on as we make these daily lifestyle changes one step at a time I am the first vegetarian in the group and coach, you enlightened me to go deeper in learning about the importance of being a healthy, nutritionally-balanced vegetarian. It’s not just about not eating meat but being educated about different kinds of proteins, superfoods, and unique vegetables and fruits.. My potassium and iron was pretty low and Coach Cee Cee helped me to get that back on track. Coach, we love you! I can’t wait to meet my new group of dedicated sisters at the next Zuleana Conference!

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