Debbie Foreman – Nashville NC


First off, God placse people in your space for a reason. I started following Cee Cee when she was doing the  Zuleana Cardio and Natural Products Pop Up Shops and having the ladies do the Zuleana Cardio workout, and I was  in love with her energy, OMG she is on fire. I subscribed to her page and each time a notification would pop up and it was Cee Cee no matter where I was I would grab a pen and pad because I knew some valueable information was going to be dropped. When I tell you that I have learn more from her fb lives about nutrition than all my years in school. I immediately went to her site and order the white powder detox, when I say this is  a wonder…a miracle…that you better believe baby. The joy I had to meet her in person for me was priceless, because the person you see on fb is the same person up close and personal. A burst of fresh air that you want to bottle it up and take it with you. The next product I purchase was the green soap and let me tell you I was so excited I couldn’t wait to get home in the middle of the afternoon and take a shower, as I lathered up and the aroma of the soap started to hit my nostrils it immediatly took me back to when I was a child and it made me remember my mom, wow  this amazing all natural soap brought back so many memories.  In just two days, my skin felt so smooth, its like a  dry layer has disappeared, I’m loving it.  ALL I know is that I thank God for Cee Cee, and I pray that God blesses you with abundance of favor  that overflows in your LIfe..

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