Sophia M. St. Paul’s,NC


Just wanted to let you know what a God send you have been to me. During these 7 months on the Zuleana Way, I  have successfully lost 49 pounds with the guidance of  Ms. Cee Cee, the best fitness and nutrition Coach in the world! During this journey on Zuleana,  Coach Cee Cee showed us  how to eat the foods that are most beneficial to our wellness, not to mention all the natural supplements and teas and countless other holistic products. There is so much more about clean eating that I had no clue about. Coach is truly a woman of God dedicated to her cause helping women all over!!! Much Love to you, Coach Cee Cee. I am a Zuleana Girl for life! #zuleanagirl #zuleana4life #49poundsdown #ilovezuleana

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