Joy Muhammad – Washington DC


I L❤️ VE everything about the Zuleana Nutrition Services! During the 1 on 1 consultation Coach Cee Cee taught me how to consume my vitamins correctly and she adjusted the milligrams for my specific health issue. I had no idea I needed more milligrams! She sent me  beautiful charts for my health goals according to the numbers (results) on my blood work. It’s an over-the-phone experience and she quickly texted to my phone during my time with her. So I now have very thorough notes and clean foods / natural medicine/high quality supplement pictures in real time to use moving forward so that I can reach my health goals. This helps greatly with my grocery and supplement shopping … the Zuleana Way.

Coach is very intelligent and has done so much in life. Yet she’s down to earth and very easy to talk to. I love that about her! You feel very comfortable talking about whatever you are going through. I don’t think there is a health issue that she can’t fix!

I would highly suggest purchasing the Blood Work Analysis/ Nutrition Consultation because it gave me a great foundation to really understanding what  blood work levels were too low or too high. I was not even aware of these levels and how they have been affecting my health. I feel much more confident about my health journey and Coach has set some strategic goals for me which I plan to implement right away. I am so excited about what’s ahead for the future of my health!
❤️🙏🏽Thanks a million, Coach Cee Cee!

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