Courtney Mullen from Texas



When I say that Coach Cee Cee is truly wonderful, dedicated, supportive, caring and an overall sincere person,  I mean that. I’ve been with Coach for about a year now and she has taught me so much and given so much of her time to not just me but SO many Black and Brown women/families that want to improve their health. Honestly, we all NEED to prioritize our health  and she is the only person I would always contact.

In our  1 on 1 consultation, she didn’t miss a beat and gave me such a new insight on things especially when being an advocate for myself and my health. The consultation is  over the phone and VERY detailed. She goes beyond just the paperwork we are truly working 1 on 1 down to the bone to see and receive better results. Zuleana® Nutrition really is a NEW way of life! Please get a consultation and the 9-piece Ultimate Kit today.  I started with the Blood Work Analysis Consultation and I am looking at the “Bridal Consultation”  next. There are so many great options to choose from!

Coach Cee Cee,  thank you again… you are enhancing, changing and EXTENDING my life!

You, your dedication, expertise, consultations and non-toxic products are simply the best!


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