Judy from Charlotte, NC


I began working with Coach Cee Cee in March 2024 to focus on weight loss. After our initial  Weight Loss Consultation, our goal was to lose 34 pounds. Coach Cee Cee provides a wealth of interesting and powerful information about Zuleana®-approved foods. Within less than two months, I lost twelve pounds and four inches and I feel great. I’m now consuming foods that I would have previously ignored in the grocery store. I then decided to schedule a Blood Work Analysis Consultation with Coach Cee Cee. During our discussion of my blood panels, I was amazed by her knowledge and the recommendations she provided. I now know exactly what to order with my primary care doctor. There were a few missing tests that I needed. She also helps you understand the proper vitamins and supplements when needed. All supplement ingredients and quality are NOT equal,  I definitely learned this fact from Coach Cee Cee. I would have purchased substandard vitamins without her assistance. Coach Cee Cee is incredibly passionate about helping people achieve better health. I highly recommend giving her a try – she won’t disappoint!

Judy Floyd

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