Lisa Lee Waco, Texas


I was having issues with constipation. I added extra fiber, increased my water and still, nothing. After my General Health Consultation with Coach Cee Cee, she gave me the missing link. It was a specific ALL NATURAL mineral blend. After only 1 day of taking it, things started moving. Not only did it tremendously help the constipation, it relieved my leg cramps and helped me get a lot more sleep!  I absolutely loved her Bloodwork Results Consultation. This was the perfect place for me to start. Coach Cee Cee explains everything, line by line, panel by panel and this was a complete game changer for me. I was able to  really see what was really happening within my body. She caught some things that even my doctors did not make me aware of and I am so thankful for that. Her online store is amazing and it has various consultations for specific health conditions.  You name the heath issue… she’s got the info and solutions for it it! Zuleana® will change your life, I know it has changed my life forever! Thank Coach Cee Cee for all that you do.

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