Karel Patterson, Birmingham, AL


I’ll admit, I got off track! But……
Got my Zuleana-A New Way of Life book and so happy I did! I am a living witness that Coach Cee Cee is the truth! Her personal approach and contact is amazing. She is a Coach that Cares about You! I’m so blessed to have gotten back in touch with Coach Cee Cee! Even though my first consultation was back in 2012, and I went from 210lbs to 177lbs (that’s 33 pounds, y’all) and have maintained this weight since. I was able to maintain my weight, but I didn’t maintain my communication with Coach. I’ll admit I should have stayed in touch with her. I made a call to her a few months ago and she was able to tweek my eating and supplement protocol in dealing with some of my health concerns. On this journey, however, I did tell my family and friends about Coach, because they could see the change in my appearance. I encouraged them to give her a call, and guess what, SHE ANSWERED! She has been coaching them and they are using her products and are either on the Zuleana Train or about to board, but they are excited about their results!
Don’t get distracted with the “Hollywood” acting career she came from, SHE IS an AFRICAN-AMERICAN WOMAN BUSINESS OWNER who has TRADEMARKED a protocol that is FOR US, BY US!
Coach Cee Cee took me back under her wings and in now walking me through! I’m not going to lose this connection! Thank God for Coach Cee Cee and Zuleana-A New Way of Life!!!!

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