Pam, Baltimore, MD


I was searching for a way to lose weight and being unable to fit my work clothes was disheartening. God heard my cry and answered it with Cee Cee Michaela. Not only after 12 weeks does my clothes fit but they are a little too big. Yay!! I had no idea that I would be loosing weight and learning how to eat healthier. I started my Zuleana Weight Loss journey 12 weeks ago and I  have lost 26 pounds. I can feel the energy while I am at the gym. I am thankful that I am eating healtheir and learning about food that focuses on various health issues. That is a concept that will stick with you forever. Zuleana, eat clean live lean, is a wonderful concept. Try it, your mind, body and soul will be happy!! It all started with me reading the Zuleana Book and  purchasing the Zuleana Melt Belly Fat 3 -Piece kit Oh! how could I forget…!I also was able to come off of my blood pressure meds! YAYYYY! Thanks a million….Coach Cee Cee and your Zuleana Way.

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