Linda Bowser Spartanburg SC


I am so excited about Coach Cee Cee !

I been with her for years  and she is amazingly gifted at optimized your health!  Her expertise is unmatched. I  have throughly enjoyed her 9-Piece Ultimate Kit as well as the various programs and classes that she offers throughout the years.   She always prays a  powerful prayer at the end of class which I really love. If you desire renewed health, Coach Cee Cee never disappoints.
She’s is always there for me and I am so appreciative.  I chose her Blood Work Analysis Consultation and was blown away by all the hidden facts that my doctor did not go over with me. I am so glad Coach Cee Cee  went over every little detail and was very thorough which is what I so desperately needed.

God bless you, Coach and may your business continue to prosper. Oh, and  I love all the new 2024 health consultations. There’s so many great options.

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