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I joined the Zuleana Underground Train August 8, 2017. I encouraged my 17 year old son to join me. When we started, we only had the expectation to lose weight. However, becoming part of the Zuleana family, you get that and SO MUCH MORE! Coach Cee Cee is not only a weight loss coach, but she is a prayer warrior. She cares not only for those on the train, but she advised me, numerous times, on medical issues other family members and friends were facing. The personal attention she gives to each sister, is UNMATCHED! The other Zuleana sisters were ALWAYS encouraging and positive. I have never been part of anything so pure. I am forever grateful to Coach Cee Cee for allowing me to be part of this amazing movement. And at the end of the 12 weeks, I lost a total of 27 pounds and my son lost 30 pounds! #zuleana4life

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