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I have been with Coach Cee Cee Michaela “The Harriet Tubman of Health ” for 7 years. Zuleana has helped me with so many things. It all started with my weight-loss journey. At the age of 28 I never really tried weight loss because I thought it wouldn’t work for me or it’s too hard. I saw an old neighbor of mine and she started talking about her nutrition coach and weight loss success. Her Coach was Cee Cee Michaela!  I caught a live masterclass that Coach Cee Cee  was doing and was so amazed with the other success stories she had. That day I decided I needed to make a change and order her book and kit. I remember I started the kit and I felt so good and my weight was dropping,  I had energy that I never had before! Two weeks after using the kit, Coach had another masterclass and I told her about dropping 14lbs in those two weeks. She asked for my number and called me later that day.  I was so excited and couldn’t believe that a celebrity called me. That day we didn’t just talk about weight loss we talked about life. I stayed with Zuleana® Nutrition and dropped OVER 100 POUNDS and earned a  Zuleana® medal and beautiful crown! The feeling I had when she put that crown and medal on me and becoming a Zuleana® Queen was a feeling I will never forget.

Coach Cee Cee and her clean eating protocol within Zuleana® Nutrition has helped me with more than weight loss. It also helped clear my IBS issues, eczema, menstrual cramps and so much more. Zuleana® has helped my entire family. At age the age of 35 I’m still rocking with her. I will always do any and everything to help her get the word out because Zuleana® works. It’s affordable and the best thing is, she makes it customizable to work just for you. If you need help with health issues or even life …Zuleana® is where you need to go. Coach Cee Cee,  I just want to say thank you. Your legacy will live on through the ones you helped.

Sawubona and I am  Zuleana® for life!

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