Zuleana Awards and the Red Carpet!

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Friday, August 4th, in Charleston, SC, was  an amazing  Zuleana celebration of about 15 women from across the US who had all lost a whopping amount of weight and crushed many diseases! They all arrived, slipped into their Zuleana gear and hit the RED CARPET! Each lady had lost anywhere between 15-62 pound in two to four months with my ZULEANA clean eating protocol. It was a joyous time and the ladies could not have been more proud as they were each graced a beautiful Zuleana medal. There were four beautiful trophies that were given to the Zuleana Biggest Winners with the winner being Carolyn Adams of Andrews, SC who  lost a whopping 62 pounds in  four  months. She took home a Zuleana weight loss  medal,  a Queen Zuleana yellow sash, a 3 and 1/2 foot high custom Zuleana trophy, a beautiful bouquet of red roses, and of course the Zuleana four-inch high rhinestone crown along with a fabulous see-through lock box carry case for her crown.

The night consisted of the ladies finally meeting each other after being on the Zuleana Underground Train Accountability Program via a FB secret page for four months!  They had only known each other from their  food and exercise posts on a secret page which I carefully monitored on a daily basis. I make sure they are combining and balancing their nutrition properly. They were like immediate sisters upon arrival and hugs were flying around everywhere. As the founder, I shared some powerful educational health awareness videos, tear-jerking personal Zuleana  Overcomer Testimonies that really had the ladies thinking deeply and being majorly appreciative for the gift of “good health!”  We all hopped on the shuttle together and omg… the jokes were flying left and right.  It was so much fun and bonding happening, which I love to see as a conference hostess. We ate at Mellow Mushroom and can I say, “some of the best crazy-yummy, delicious and healthy  build-your-own salads ever!”



Once back at the hotel, each lady received her personally autographed copy of Zuleana-A New Way of Life, they shared their amazing NO MORE MEDS  and ZULEANA WEIGHT LOSS testimonies. Many of the ladies had come off of Prozac, Cymbalta, Metformin, Insulin, and pain meds. Some or the ladies were about to be placed on cholesterol medications but after eating the Zuleana way for just a few weeks, the numbers were so normal that the doctors did not need to place them on the medication! One Zuleana girl had come off of about 25 medications in four months…wow! Next,  the winners were announced. The queen was absolutely beautiful! Being the creator of Zuleana, it has always been my dream that   to give women who have never had the chance to  possibly win a beauty contest, to feel gorgeous and finally rock a Ms. America-style crown. The ladies on the train deserve it…they worked so hard!  This is what Zuleana is all about. As the founder, I try hard to make Zuleana incredibly unique. Each lady got a chance to rock the Zuleana runway and honestly in my eyes…every single #zuleanagirl on this special night was a #zuleanaqueen! I will be awarding four queens a year, one for every season so please stop by my website and check out the UNDERGROUND SISTERHOOD page on  to find out how you can be the next Zuleana Biggest Winner Queen  and walk away 50-70 pounds lighter! Well,  add about 2 pounds for the 4 inch crown on your head, LOL! #zuleanaqueen #zuleanarunway #zuleanawards

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